Co-Parenting Relationship

Co-Parenting Relationship Therapy in Chicago

Are you recently divorced or separated and would like to work on your co-parenting relationship with your ex-spouse or ex-partner? Or have you been divorced for a while and need to refresh your parenting dynamics at this time? Furthermore, do you currently have a blended family with “bonus” moms or “bonus” dads involved? You may think that relationship therapy is just for romantic partners, but it actually applies to any partners and parents trying to work together for the benefit of a healthy and happy family. Confluent Relationship Therapy can help no matter what stage of co-parenting you are in!

Co-parenting relationships can be challenging to say in the least. Many issues can come up along the way while trying to have a cohesive relationship with your ex, including resentment from past relationship dynamics. Working on improving communication skills, learning how to set boundaries, and managing conflict can help to build a better family system. However, your goals for your family are my goals for your family. Additionally, individual therapy recommendations may be necessary throughout the process as well.

During therapy, our sessions can be held with the two ex-partners and/or in a group session with all parents or guardians including “bonus moms” and “bonus dads”. Either way, it is essential to create a working dynamic for the ex-partners. The great part of working on your co-parenting relationship is that your progress in therapy can have positive reverberating effects on the entire family system! Overall the goal is to help you feel like a team with your ex throughout all of your decision-making needs for your family.

coparenting as a team with ex

Parenting differences are normal whether in or out of a relationship! Philosophies on child discipline can range from person to person. Relationship therapy can help you and your ex come to compromises within your differing household rules. Consistency and a seamless flow are key!

  • Recently separated and/or moving out
  • Post-divorce or separation
  • “Birdnesting” or “Nesting”
  • Dating someone new & introducing the family
  • Adding a step-parent or “bonus parent” into the mix
  • Currently blended families wanting a refresh of family dynamics

*CRT can provide legal resources for necessary professionals during this process. However, during the legal process therapy records at CRT cannot be used.

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

–Esther Perel, psychotherapist and author

Learn more about Esther Perel and her work with relationships here!

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