Polygamy: Polygyny & Polyandry

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Are you involved in a marriage with multiple spouses? Does your relationship identify as polygamy or a plural marriage? Sara is a Chicago relationship therapist that can help!

Polygamous and Plural Marriage Definitions

Polygamy: the practice of marrying multiple spouses. This can include a combination of a legal marriage and spiritual marriages. There are two types below: Polygyny and Polyandry.

Polygyny: A polygamous marriage where one man has multiple wives.

Polyandry: A polygamous marriage where one woman has multiple husbands.

Why Polygamy Is Practiced

Contrary to popular belief, a religious, spiritual, or cultural reason isn’t always the motivating factor behind Polygamy! Although that may be the case with a number of Polygamous unions, some choose to practice plural marriage outside of a religion or culture for personal reasons or lifestyle beliefs.

At Confluent Relationship Therapy, Sara works with all types of Polygamous unions. Whether you are practicing for religious/ spiritual reasons, or by personal preference, all are welcome here!

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Stop the Stereotypes!

Polygamous unions are often associated with stereotypes such as child abuse, underage marriages, oppression of women, and coerced unions. This is a stereotype for certain religion-based cults or groups that exist in the United States and has been portrayed in various television shows. While Confluent Relationship Therapy does not condone these acts or see clients currently involved with any of the above, the fact remains that plural marriages in America do exist outside of that stereotype.

As stated, there are families who choose to participate in plural marriage for personal reasons and lifestyle beliefs which do not correspond with those stereotypes. In summary: don’t judge a book by its cover!

In plural marriages, relationship therapy can be conducted in a group setting with all partners present or can be broken down into pairs. However, this is dependent upon the presenting issues and goals of the relationship. Contact Sara today and set up a free 15-minute consultation to clarify any questions you may have about services at Confluent Relationship Therapy! Whenever you are ready, CRT is here.

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