Sara Featured in Fatherly!

Sara was recently interviewed as a relationship expert for a featured article in Fatherly!

This article is entitled, “9 Clear Signs of a Relationship in Trouble, According to Experts” by Graham Techler.

Check out the article here!

Like many relationship issues, it is beneficial to identify the presenting issues early on so they can be worked on by everyone. If you aren’t able to manage or work through your relationship issues, that is when relationship therapy is most needed.

It takes all partners to have willingness to make things better in order for change. Change cannot occur from one partner only. If any of the red flags in the article are occurring your relationship, take action to improve your dynamic today!

Reach out to Sara to get started with relationship therapy!

If you’re wondering what other issues you may have in your relationship that can eat away at the bond of the union, reach out to Sara to start services. During the intake assessment process, Sara can fully assess your relationship and provide feedback on suggested dynamic improvements based on what is proven to work for a healthy relationship.

According to their website, Fatherly, “empowers men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives through original reporting, expert parenting advice, and hard-won insights into a challenging, but profoundly rewarding stage of life.” Although Fatherly is written in context for men, half of their audience is also women!

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