Engagement or Pre-Marital

Engagement or Pre-Marital Counseling in Chicago

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Just got engaged to your partner? Thinking about engagement? Needing pre-marital counseling? Sara provides services to engaged and pre-marital relationships wanting to prepare themselves for marriage and/or a long-term committed relationship.

Just because you’re starting therapy does not mean that you have to have current “issues” with your engagement! Prevention of relationship issues and learning adequate skills for a successful relationship can be a great kick start to a happy and healthy marriage! Marriage is a life-long journey with your partner, so why not start it out on the right foot? Reach out to Sara to start couples counseling before marriage!

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Examples of Topics to Discuss in Pre-Marital Counseling

Couples counseling before engagement or after engagement can be a wise way to start off your family dynamics on the right foot. Here are a few examples of topics you may want to discuss with your future spouse during pre-marital counseling/therapy:

Money/Finances: what does money mean to each of you or what does money symbolize for you? Will you join accounts or continue to have separate accounts?

Career Goals: what do each of your career goals look like, and how does that fit into your goals as a couple or family?

Parenting: do you want children? If so, what will each of your parenting styles look like?

Religion and/or Spirituality: do you want to practice a religion, faith, or belief system? Do you want your partner to participate in it? If you are having children, do you want your children to follow those beliefs as well?

Family: what will the extended family involvement in your marriage look like? What type of relationship do you want to have with your in-laws?

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Engagement and Pre-marital Services

Premarital counseling Chicago couples and relationships! These services are also sometimes referred to as couple’s psychotherapy or relationship psychotherapy. Reach out today for a free 15-minute phone consultation! Why not try couples therapy before marriage?

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