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Gottman Method Couples Therapy in Chicago

The Gottman Method Couples Therapy started with decades of research from John Gottman’s relationship “love lab”. This approach of therapy was founded by evidenced-based principles of what works for happy and successful relationships! Sara has completed Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level I & II certifications and has extensive experience applying The Gottman Method to relationships. She is ready to help your relationship re-build the pillars of a “Sound Relationship House”! With this approach you will learn how to rebuild your friendship, manage conflict, and create a better perspective or outlook on your future together. Reach out today!

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

According to relationship psychologist Dr. John Gottman, these four behaviors destroy relationships over time:

drained from listening to partner
gottman method stonewalling
gottman method defensiveness
gottman method contempt

Criticism: verbally attacking your partner’s personality or character.

Stonewalling: withdrawing and refusing to communicate. Sometimes referred to as “the silent treatment”.

Defensiveness: victimizing yourself.

Contempt: disgust for partner, and/or feeling morally superior to partner. This includes a blatant disregard for partner’s feelings and can include using sarcasm for cruelty.

Read more about John and Julie Gottman, and The Gottman Method by visiting The Gottman Institute’s website below:

The Gottman Institute | A research-based approach to relationships

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Looking for a Chicago relationship counselor that does couples counseling Gottman style or couples therapy Gottman style? reach out to Sara today!