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Traditional Relationship Therapy or Marriage Counseling in Chicago

Feeling lonely in your marriage? Resentful of your spouse? Sara is a Chicago couples therapist and serves all marriages, including traditional marriages and monogamous unions. Services are often referred to as “marriage counseling” or “relationship counseling”.

Clients come to marriage therapy or counseling for current issues and/or prevention of future issues with their spouse. This can be done at any stage in the marriage, including at the beginning of a relationship to foster positive communication skills, all the way to a 30+ year marriage in need of a complete restart!

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New Parenthood

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Recently started a family with your partner and experiencing relationship distress now that you are postpartum? Feel distant from your partner when it’s no longer just the two of you? Starting a family and becoming parents for the first time can provide many joys, ups and downs, and new presenting relationship dynamics that were not present before.

Your identity as a couple changes, as your love expands to more than your spouse or significant other. Roles and responsibilities at home and in the relationship change. It can also resurface past resentments, unresolved conflict, and leave less time to spend together. Relationship therapy can help with this changing family dynamic and work to restore balance in your marriage!

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Infidelity in Marriage

Struggling to work through infidelity in your relationship? Infidelity can also be referred to as: adultery, “stepping-out”, being unfaithful, or having an affair. No matter what you call it in your relationship, couples therapy for infidelity can assist in post-affair relationship recovery and re-establishing your relationship connection. Couples counseling after infidelity is vital to rebuilding trust and repairing the broken bonds that have been severed. Working towards forgiveness is only one of the many goals when confronting infidelity in the relationship.

Please see our blog post below for more information on the steps for recovery!

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Experiencing the frustrating process of infertility? Infertility can lead to relationship difficulties and has been proven to have an impact on the emotional wellbeing of all involved. It can also lead to financial strain, feelings of loneliness, and higher conflict in the relationship. Also, dealing with the loss of a miscarriage can bring on an extra set of emotions that a couple can never fully prepare for.

Sara is a Chicago marriage counselor that helps struggling spouses. Marriage therapy or marriage counseling can help couples to better understand and support one another through the difficult time of infertility. Finally feel like a team with your partner and communicate effectively, all while maintaining a sense of identity throughout the process!

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Couples Therapy or Divorce?

Are you contemplating if you and your spouse should start couples therapy vs breaking up? Look at what your goals are for your relationship together. Do you want to work it out? If so, why not see what the couples therapy benefits are for your relationship!

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Looking for help with relationship problems or relationship distress? Confluent Relationship Therapy provides marriage counseling in Chicago IL.

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Looking for a marriage counselor in Chicago? Sara serves all relationship styles including married and traditional unions.