Non-Married or Unmarried Relationship Therapy in Chicago

Do you have a significant other? Non-married or unmarried partnership? We serve all relationships at Confluent Relationship Therapy including unmarried couples! No matter what the stage of your union, relationship therapy can help for intervention of current presenting issues, or prevention of future problems. Why wait to learn the valuable skills for a happy, healthy relationship?

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While raising kids, making decisions, discussing finances, planning your future and setting goals together you may have lost each other along the way. You may be asking yourself, “How did we get here?”. Starting relationship therapy services is a great way to pick back up where your relationship left off, before the world got in the way.

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Relationship Conflict

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Conflict and relationship challenges are normal! How you and your partner manage the conflict is what sets apart a healthy relationship from a dysfunctional relationship. Learn how to manage your conflict though services in Chicago relationship counseling. Reach out today to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Sara!

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Domestic Partnerships, Civil Unions, Common-Law Marriages

Are you in a domestic partnership, civil union, or common law marriage?

Domestic partnerships can be considered a non-marriage civil union in some jurisdictions. The rights for legal domestic partnerships vary by state. Individuals may still consider their significant other a “domestic partner” while living together without the paperwork! On the other hand, Civil Unions are a way to provide recognition of a relationship by law. These are used in places that may not utilize domestic partnerships.

Common-law marriages are only legally recognized by a handful of states in the US but are mostly defined by cohabitation of partners. This type of marriage can allow for some legal rights for non-married couples.

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Feeling broken or disconnected in your relationship? Needing support? Sara helps couples and relationships of all identities. Check out Sara’s verified status on Psychology Today!