Open, ENM, and Polyamory

ENM Relationship Therapy & Poly Relationship Therapy in Chicago

Are you in an open, ethically non-monogamous (ENM), or polyamorous relationship? Or do you and your partner identify as “swingers”? We welcome all relationship identities at Confluent Relationship Therapy!

Confluent Relationship Therapy can help unions that are open or ENM at any stage of their relationship:

Contemplation stage: thinking about opening up your relationship?

In process of opening: currently opening your relationship and navigating the changes?

Already open: is your relationship already open?

Relationships can be complex, and can present a multitude of challenges no matter what type of union you are in. Sara has experience helping relationships that identify as open, ethically non-monogamous (ENM), polyamorous, or swinging.

Relationship therapy for open relationships and ethically non-monogamous relationships

Rules of Open Relationships or Swinging

Sara Miller, Therapist for Open Relationships in Chicago

All relationships, whether they are open or closed, have an explicit or implicit “contract”. What this means is that there are rules agreed upon whether realized and talked about or not! Partners should take the time when starting any union to define what the relationship means to them and what their boundaries are in the relationship. Terms to the “contract” are different for all relationships, so what works for one union may not work for another. Relationship therapy can be a great platform for discussing these terms openly with the support of a therapist. Reach out today!

Polyamorous Relationships

Are you in a non-married relationship with more than one partner? Or a plural relationship? Group of 3+?

Polyamory is defined as having multiple romantic relationships with consent of everyone involved. This can also be considered “Ethical Non-Monogamy”, ENM, or consensual nonmonogamy. Sara has experience in helping many types of polyamorous relationships and those that define as plural!

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ENM Therapist in Chicago

Work on your relationship distress or challenges through therapy at Confluent Relationship Therapy, based in Chicago, Illinois. Reach out today to schedule a free 15-minute phone call with Sara to answer any questions you may have!

Sara conducts relationship counseling in Chicago for enm relationships, cnm relationships, polyamorous relationships, open relationships, and more!

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