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Sara was recently interviewed by AskMen and is now featured as a relationship expert in her article entitled, “Here’s How to Cope With Career-Change Conflicts In Your Relationship” by Rebecca Strong!

You can find the article here: Here’s How to Cope With Career-Change Conflicts in Your Relationship – AskMen

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Sara’s Additional Thoughts on Career Changes in A Relationship

When a job or career change occurs for someone partnered in a relationship, it can trigger a shakeup of the union foundation. Many dynamics are reassessed during this type of change, and questions about the future arise. Partners wonder what their new financial outlook will be, how much quality time will be spent together under the new demands, which roles and responsibilities will change at home, and more. This change might also entail a relocation, downsizing, or an overall shift in lifestyle for better or for worse.

A partner changing jobs is similar to any other life adjustment, in that if the relationship has a solid foundation, it will more likely make it out on the other side okay. The relationships that have cracks in the foundation will be tested and may not come out unscathed. This transition can certainly make the relationship stronger, just like working through any other tough period of time for partners. If the couple works through the adjustments well, the relationship can build resiliency and the bond between partners can be reinforced. In tough times partners either grow together or grow apart, but it is certainly possible to advance the dynamic while navigating the changes. In the aftermath of the changes, partners can also have more confidence in their abilities both individually and in the relationship, knowing that they can survive anything life throws at them.

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