The Knot Interview!

The Knot engagement anxiety

Sara was recently interviewed by The Knot and is currently featured in one of their articles. This article is titled on the page, “Worried You Have Engagement Anxiety? Here’s How to Handle It” by Heather Bien.

See the article here!: What Is Engagement Anxiety And How Can You Deal With It? (

In this article, engagement anxiety is normalized, as it is extremely common! Many people experience this even before actually getting engaged. Sometimes just the idea of talking to their partner about getting engaged can elicit an abundance of emotions.

You can check out more of Heather’s written work here: Heather Bien – The Knot Contributing Writer

According to their brand’s website, The Knot strives to, “inspire, inform and celebrate people as they move through life’s milestones”!

Are you currently experiencing engagement anxiety and in need of a local relationship or couples therapist in Chicago? You are not alone! Reach out to Sara today to start the process of relationship therapy.